Things you can do with Google Search Console

Things you can do with Google Search Console

If you own a website you would be aware of the Goggle’s free webmaster tools and what benefits it can provide you for your business.

Most probably you must be already knowing about the Google search console and Google analytics and are already using it.But if you are not aware of it then you must add google search console to your list to get more business from your website as well.

This is a free tool that will cost you no money and also shows you mistakes of your website if present.So this is extremely beneficial tool if you want your website to get viewed on Google’s search engine


So lets start with setting up the google search console

google search console setup

To start with the set-up procedure first go to the Google’s search console then login with your g-mail account.

A very important point to keep in mind is that you login with the same account as you do for the other webmaster tools.

After you have logged-in with your account you will be required to search for the “add property” icon which will be on the top left corner.Then after clicking on add property place your website’s html and then click the button.

Google's verification

Now google will ask you to verify if you are the owner of the account.Although there are other few methods but the easiest way will be choosing Google analytics tracking code as the preferred method of verification.

As long as your Google analytics tracking code will be in the section of your homepage you will be fine.

Use of Google Search Console

So lets begin with the first point

  • Submitting your Sitemap

Submit sitemap

Although Google can crawl your website on its own but you can provide little help to goggle search crawlers by submitting a sitemap to your website.

There are various sites that provide help in generating a sitemap for your website if not you can create it on your own and upload it to the server.Now submitting sitemap to the google search console is very easy.

In the dashboard you will be seeing the sitemap click on that than submit the sitemap you created then click the submit button.

  • Know which keywords of your’s are generating more traffic

Keywords performance

Users are using some keywords in search engine if your website lists on search results they click on your website link and become your site visitors.

So google helps you to find the most common keywords that brought traffic to your website.

In the Google’s search console you will see the performance on the top left side if you click on it you will be getting all the reports of your website such as keywords that are bringing you the higher amount of traffics and the much more.

  • Identify the pages that are most popular

view the pages which are viewed mostly.

Every websites has pages that will be performing better than the other ones.You can view this data on the same page as the keywords data mentioned in the previous point.

All the other data display will be in the same way as the previous ones.Your most popular pages will be right at top section and then according to popularity it will be going down the page.

  • Learn where your leads are coming from

view the locations your most traffic is coming from

You can learn where your traffic or leads in that case are coming from.If your business is targeted to a particular part of the world you can know where your visitors are located.

As you now where your traffic is coming from you can be assured that you are reaching the right users. You can view the top countries from where traffic is coming to your website from top to low order in the same section as keywords data is shown.

  • Learn what devices your visitors are operating from

View the devices from where the most traffic is coming from

For a business to have a successful website it should be mobile friendly.Although your website may be mobile friendly as you have optimized but it is still good to have the knowledge about the visitors location as in where do they operate it from.

You can also view the type of devices you get the traffic from.Also the click through rates,impressions and average positions desired can be viewed.

  • Make your website mobile friendly

Mobile friendly website

Its always better to be assured that your website is mobile friendly but you can check the google search console to see if website passes their standardization.

If you have any mistakes on your website you will get the notifications in that section so that you can make changes that are necessary.

  • Monitor the sites that are linked to you

view the site links that are linked to your website

If you are handling SEO this will be a beneficial information to work on.Although you may be already aware of the fact but if you are new you should monitor this point.

You can view the websites that has linking back to your websites and also the pages that are linked most to your websites.

You can also find more information by clicking the link and see how the website uses your website pages.

  • Always check your website for broken links

Check website for broken links

Broken links make your visitors disinterested in your website and there is quite a chance of them bouncing back from your website.In the crawl section all the 404 errors and other errors can be viewed.

If you click on each link you will find the problem associated with each website.

  • Find your website security issues

check website security issues

If you are following the news you can hear various hacks caused to big websites.Although your website may not necessarily that famous or big but it can still cause serious problems to your websites.

The loss can be even more if you are a e-commerce site as you collect customers sensitive data which can be used negatively.

The Google’s search console provides complete detail if the website has security issues.If you have no security issues it will let you know.

  • Schema markup

Schema markup

If you are using schema mark up on your page its always better to confirm if it is setup right or wrong.Although google can confirm it for you if its setup properlyTo work in the Search engine results page(SERP).

The console can provide you with all the details for setup and then you can make changes that are shown.

How does Google index your website?

How does Google index your website?

Google index is a huge data base in which information of each and every single web page that is present on the internet is stored by google.

Documentation of all the website information is done by google by crawling through web to find new pages and websites.

Each web page is analyzed and its content is cataloged by the search engine to understand what the web page is all about.

Google indexing a page can determine its rank on search engine and websites owners always have a say as in how the google indexes the page.

To improve the search engine ranking on google one can always optimize their website.Its always better to improve your knowledge of how google indexes your website as it will be improving the chances of landing your website on a better position.

Google indexing and search engine optimization(SEO) aren’t quite the same concept as many people think but they are similar in many ways.

There are few points you need to take a look at so as to increase your search engine ranking.

What does Google exactly looks for while crawling?

Google indexing
Google crawling

Google is always on a spree of constantly searching for new pages to add it to on google search index with the help of google bots.

Crawling is a process that always starts on a single page and by following the links mentioned on the crawling page it goes to another page.

Its always recommendable to submit sitemaps to google so as to ease the job of google bots.As google should always be informed about the new pages you upload and also the old pages that you edit and re-upload.All these knowledge helps you to optimize your search engine ranking.

Lets see what are the factors that are considered by Google while crawling a particular web page.

factors while crawling
  • Keywords

  • Spellings and Grammar

  • How new is the website

  • Title of the page and the title tag

  • Meta descriptions and tags

  • image captions and alternate tags

  • Page content

  • Its always important to describe your content with a relevant clear high definition image.But at the same time its also very important to describe your image with proper ALT tag.

    As web crawlers are not able to see the image but they can detect the content linked to the images.

    Use effective keywords for your images and videos for the best web crawling.If you want some pages to keep away from crawling you can use “Robots.text” file and upload it on your server.Use the “Disallow” command for the pages you don’t want to be crawled.

    Make sure that google crawls your pages.

    make sure google crawls your web pages.
    make sure google crawls your web pages

    Lets say you have created a new website, your first step will be creating and submitting the sitemap to google.

    This boosts the crawling process and also ensures that google has seen your new site.Make sure you stick to standard sitemap protocol to fasten your crawling.

    Suppose you are adding only one page or you wanted to make changes to only single page just submit one url to google.New web page can also be attached to the existing web pages that google has already crawled although its recommended that you use Google webmaster tool for the search engine to follow your link.

    Complete authority lies with the site’s owner as in how to crawl their website, if they want a re-crawling of their site or to stop their crawling completely.

    It is of greater importance to keep a check on if the google indexes your website if you are uploading a new page or edited a existing page.

    Its always better that you select and present google with what content you want to be crawled.

    Upgrade your rank on google index.

    upgrade your google ranking

    You are indexing your pages but still the users can’t reach your website then it is likely that you have a crawling problem.

    It is quite possible that your page is not properly indexed and due to which users can’t get to you.You have to optimize your website and enhance your user’s experience to help google to index your website at its best.

    Following are the few tips that can come to rescue:

    helpful tips for SEO
    • Domain name optimization
    • Your domain name must include keywords for your audience that they will search in the search engine.If your rank is good than you will experience faster crawling rates.
    • Make sure that you earn quality back links
    • If you are having back links from a reputed website your site is as established as that site and this gives your ranking a boost and this also shows that your website has quality content.
    • Your website should have original content.
    • You should never have any duplicate content on your website even if its taken from the other website.
      Duplicate content from a another writer or business can seriously hurt your Google index ranking to a great extent.
    • Make use of all page elements.
    • You should always be updated with page elements Google will crawl.
      Title tag,Meta description or other major parts of the website should never be left blank.Make sure that you have great content with best keywords.
    • Keep in mind your site should be relevant to the content you are offering.
    • Google has its own search algorithms to get the sorting done through Google index and match through the pages that are most relevant to the user’s search.
      You have to be persistent in updating your website and post new blogs and make sure the content is relevant so that your website appears in the search engine results.

    A lot of things are in common between SEO and google indexing if you master either of this you will achieve the other.Don’t rely on Google to self crawl your website.

    There’s no guarantee that Google will crawl your website unless you submit a sitemap.Always stay alert about your website indexing and submit sitemaps to increase your rank in SERP.