Relevant Content and PPC strategies will never fail you

Relevant Content and PPC strategies will never fail you

There is no lack of uncertainty when we say that paid search is on every digital marketer list.It is a practical and accurate method that makes it possible for many marketers to make their brand visible to the users searching in the search engine portal.

Although the digital space is filled with competition you can still place your ads in the top section in the placements of all the ads by increasing your investment towards numerous keywords and queries bidding against the competitors.

This strategy will help you to make your brand visible to the eye of the user and will gain you leads and help you bring traffic to your website.

But it is not easy as it may sound

importance of content in PPC

The first thing that you should be aware of is that the search ads that you pay for will only help you bring the audience to your website.

The only thing that will help you in your conversion is your content and its quality,content marketing will help you boost conversion rate higher than any other marketing method.You should also have a conversion offer to make your audience really engaged in your service or product.

For your PPC campaigns to really have an result that is effective you need to concentrate on your content quality.

Why content marketing is important for PPC?

importance of content in ppc

The users are about to get frustated if they enter a particular website and don’t get the expected information or what they were looking for.You should be very concern about the quality of your content.

When the users are searching for some information,product or shopping they need to be satisfied by the content you are providing if they decide to enter your website.

Many of the brands in the industry are missing these point while doing their marketing.You should not just stuff your website with the irrelevant informations,information that is of little importance and also providing little value to the visitors.

You should be able to get results out of your PPC efforts.Just getting traffic to your website isn’t enough,if they are leaving the site because of some reasons.You should have the right keywords the audience is searching for and should be matching your content otherwise your efforts will go in vain and your investment on the ads too.

Always remember the second thing after seeing an ad the user will be looking at will be your content and if its not convincing or pleasing enough it will not be effective.

Content will help you to be cost-efficient

quality content helps you in cost efficiency

Its easy to get the effective keywords by paying for it but without proper content you will face problems in getting leads and in the conversion process.

Although its easy to run a paid campaign if you want to be in the eye of the visitor but this process is not cost-efficient when you consider it for a small business which has a limited budget.

In that case you should be considering in optimization of the content of your website as it will help you to convert your visitors to customers.

You should have a strategic plan like considering your ROI, monitoring your campaign and making a strategic plan so that you get the best out of your investment.

Your content should be supporting your product or services you are offering to the visitors so they engage and subscribe to your services.

Content can help you to build your brand name and gain the trust of your visitors and also keep them engaged in your website and there is a great chance of taking action that you desire.With the help of the content visitors can understand the purpose of the website and learn about what you are offering to them and how it can change their life.

First step to digital marketing is Content Marketing

First step to digital marketing is Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing approach that focusses on creating relevant and valuale content consistently to grab the attention of the defined users and the next step will be user’s conversion.

When you think of starting a business or a startup or any other venture the first thing you should remember is the content of your business which should be the core part of your business.

As long your content is of value to your visitors you will be generating leads.So if you are thinking of starting any business you should be starting with the content of your business,how it will affect the life of the users and many other parameters.

Dont just blaber about the products or services to your customers or visitors if you have a website,you need to understand their problems and how your product or service will help them solving it,in other words make a connection with the customers.

All leading brands make content marketing their key focus

focus on content marketing

Major business brands like Google, microsoft and so on have their key focus on content.You may not see their ads or much banners because they prioritize their focus on content like how their content affects lifes of people rather than just focussing on the products or services promotion.

You have to make strategies about how to go ahead with your product like what is the purpose of your product or services and what change it will have on the user’s life if they decide to buy your product or service.

Talking about the big brands in automobile like Lamborgini,BMW or mercedez this brands have their content marketing strong they do research on the parameters users see before buying their product.So the ROI they have is commendable and precisely calculated as per their strategies.

The three main reasons and benefits if a venture uses content marketing

importance of content marketing.
  • Sales are boosted.
  • Gain loyal customers.
  • Cost-efficient.

But you have to get the steps right if you want to gain benefits from the content marketing.

Many businesses forget the term “Relevant” and “Valuable” when it comes to designing the content that are drafted periodically to your defined audiences.

As said before if your content is not seen as valuable to the user he is likely to ignore it like any other spam content.

So be sure that while designing the content for your business marketing that your content is valuable and relevant to your audiences.

Content marketing is always trending

content marketing is always trending

Content marketing is always trending or we can say there’s no proper marketing if content marketing is not included in it.

Actually content marketing is a part of every marketing that you use,without this your marketing strategy will not be complete.

So let’s take a look at the following types of marketing where content marketing plays an important role

  • SEO: Businesses are rewarded by the search engines if they have quality and relevant content.
  • PPC: For any PPC to work efficiently you need to have excellent content.
  • Social media marketing: It is not possible to generate traffic just by posting content that has no quality and relevance.
  • PR: A “PR” strategy to be successful it has to address the issues, problems or topics that are concerned by the public an not the business.
  • INBOUND: If you have the quality content you will soon be driving leads and traffics to your businesses.

Learn about how content marketing and the above marketing methods are connected by clicking on the highlighted terms.

what is a landing page?

what is a landing page?

We come across various landing pages in our day to day to life and we may have visited many in the past but do you know what exactly is this landing page.

The first page that comes in your vision when you open any website in your browser can be considered as the landing page.

Also the various ads that you see on various platforms such as search engines,social media platforms such as facebook,instagram are designed to take you to the landing pages of that particular website.

This landing pages are designed with a specific purpose and that purpose is to convert your visitors into potential lead or customer.

But we can also use a homepage instead of a landing page right ? Actually a landing page is to grab attention of the visitor and is free from any distractions like navigation links or competing links.So it should be used for this purpose.

The landing page followed by a relevant headline or tag line can generate leads for your website.

So what are the best practices that can be considered for PPC landing pages?

Following areas should be focussed on for PPC landing pages.

  • Branding of your website and website’s purpose.
Purpose of your website
  • Value recommendations.
value recommendation to the visitor on your website's landing page
  • Design of the website.
website designs
  • Visuals.
visuals for the website
  • Text.
website's text
  • Call to action button.
call to action
call to action
Want to learn more about this practices then click here
Things to be considered for PPC landing pages.

Things to be considered for PPC landing pages.

Branding of your website and website’s purpose

What is your website's purpose
What is your website’s purpose

The purpose of the website should be clear enough for the customers to understand what service or product are you offering.

The another important thing to keep in mind is that your website’s colour should be same as your corporate brand logo colour to uplift your identity.

The fonts should be aligned accordingly across the whole website.Logo and brand name should be clearly visible to your visitors to be remembered by the visitors.

The motive of your landing page should be clear and straight forward and also supported with the call to action buttons.The visitors should have no confusion as in how to contact you if they want to enquire or buy your services or product.

Your page should not be just stuffed with the elements here and there,it should be organised as if its not it will distract your visitors attention from the main purpose and will cause them to bounce back.

Value recommendations

value recommendations
value recommendations

Your landing page should be convincing enough to the visitors and why he/she should be buying services or products from your website rather than other websites.

You should be able to show the perks that they are getting buying your service or product from you and what difference it will bring to them than other websites.

Your brand should be recommended by your clients and there reviews for any new visitors to get converted to customer.Also your visitors should be supporting article for your website.This important things are a boosting factor for your website.Reviews alone can help you gain visitors trust.

Design of the website

design of the website
design of the website

The design of the website should be as such it focusses on the offers by your brand and should be clear and visible to user.

The most important message of your website should be on the top of your website and rest followed by the less important messages.So that when the user visitor comes to landing page he/she should be able to take a nice glance on that important message.

The website page should be well organised,if its not this will cause distraction to the visitor and user might bounce back from the website.


visuals for the website
visuals for the website

Always make the visuals of your website interactive with videos and contrasting text that makes it easier for the visitor to take action.

Use of clean and easily recognisable icons makes it easier for the visitor to take action.

Your call to action button should be different from your competitors,in other words it should be compelling to your visitors.


website text
website text

While writing text for your website you should be aware that extra beautiful writing or using any font that looks good but is difficult to read can be a minus point for your visitors especially for you.

So it is recommendable to keep your text simple and clean that will be easily read by the visitors visiting your site.Relevant and easily understandable headlines should be placed on your website.

Remember that present your product’s benefits that visitors will get from your product or service not just bragging about your product.

It will be better if you provide detail metrics of your service or product benefits to the visitors as this will be more specific.

Call to action button

call to action
call to action

Use a prominent call to action button where appropriate rather than having different action buttons as this will make visitors confused and then they will be bouncing back from your website.

Use any prominent color for your call to action button and mae the text on button very clear so that they can guess what’s the next step and they are well aware on what they are clicking on.This builds a transparent relationship between you and the visitors.

So always remember the above important points to get your visitors converted to future customers.