We come across various landing pages in our day to day to life and we may have visited many in the past but do you know what exactly is this landing page.

The first page that comes in your vision when you open any website in your browser can be considered as the landing page.

Also the various ads that you see on various platforms such as search engines,social media platforms such as facebook,instagram are designed to take you to the landing pages of that particular website.

This landing pages are designed with a specific purpose and that purpose is to convert your visitors into potential lead or customer.

But we can also use a homepage instead of a landing page right ? Actually a landing page is to grab attention of the visitor and is free from any distractions like navigation links or competing links.So it should be used for this purpose.

The landing page followed by a relevant headline or tag line can generate leads for your website.

So what are the best practices that can be considered for PPC landing pages?

Following areas should be focussed on for PPC landing pages.

  • Branding of your website and website’s purpose.
Purpose of your website
  • Value recommendations.
value recommendation to the visitor on your website's landing page
  • Design of the website.
website designs
  • Visuals.
visuals for the website
  • Text.
website's text
  • Call to action button.
call to action
call to action
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