A lead magnet can be defined as an irresistible bribe offer that includes a specific amount of value to the viewer in return of their contact information.

The only goal of the lead magnet is to maximize the number of the targeted leads for an offer offered by you.

Different types of lead magnets are to be discussed in this post and what are the questions most of the businesses are asking about generating leads.

But first, let us discuss Specificity

It is not at all necessary that lead magnets are to be lengthy or complex or very time consuming to create. You don’t have to scratch your brains to make your lead magnets long and complex just to make it look important. Keep it simple and short.

It will affect you the opposite way in terms of conversion if you have too long lead magnets rather than coming straight to the point as in what exactly are you trying to convey.

Your lead magnet has to be viewed by the audience to have an impact on them.

Your lead magnet will be seen as an important prospect within the five minutes of seeing your offer.

If you are in an online course offering business than it’s not recommended to present a mini session of the course or a 200 pages e-book as it is not likely to be liked by the audiences and is not very specific to the content.

Specificity is the most important point to be kept in mind from all other points to be discussed further.

First, let us learn about the :

  • A guide or a report
A guide or a report

Reports and guide books are the most common types of lead magnets to offer to your audience.

And you can easily be out focused from the point of specificity that we have disused earlier. So it is necessary that you should be careful if you have to use the guide or report.

  • Offering a cheet-sheet or handout
cheet-sheet and report.

Cheat sheets are always the best thing to offer and they are liked by most of the audience and are likely to convert your audience to future customers.

They are generally short and are straight to the point and are very specific as to what they are about and what information they wanna convey.

  • Provide video training
Video training

Suppose you are a software providing company and you want your customers to have full knowledge to how to use your software and want them to be at ease while using you can provide them with video tutorials such as our website stayintouch offers your subscribers are likely to get converted by this simple service.

  • Provide them with tool kit or resource list
Tool kit for email marketing

You can offer them a tool kit or a resource list like what are the things they need to know before getting your service or buying your product likewise.

A tool kit or a resource list can be a great lead magnet for any business as this puts outlook on the service or product they are gonna be experiencing before they are paying for it.

  • Offering a free trial or demo
free trial or demo

A software download or a free trial can be of great use to your audience so that they get to know about the service or product they are trying to buy or subscribe to.

Software companies offer free trials or demo we can say to gain the trust of their clients so as to inform them their service is flawless.

  • Offering discount and free shipping.
discount offers to attract your target audience

This is a great way to attract customers and also is an effective lead magnet. You can offer discounts to those are already your audience and make them your loyal customers by being loyal to them by offering unmatched services and discounts from time to time.

  • Online quiz and survey can always be engaging.
online survey or quiz to engage your audience

An online quiz can be quite engaging as they trigger the curiosity of your audience and keep them engaged. If a user answers the quiz questions he will fill the details like their name and email address.

  • An online competition or a giveaway can be effective.
giveaway or competition to engage customers.

It is one of the most straight forward ways to attract a potential lead email address in return for an entry win if they provide us with the information.