Now as we know the present generation uses platforms like Facebook,Snapchat,Whatsapp and so on.So the email platform is primarily used for “Business interactions”.But you are already aware of the scenario So i don’t really need to bore you with this information.

Probably you already know about the numbers and numbers of “Promotional Emails” or advertising email you are receiving everyday from different sites.You may be bored of seeing them pop up in your inbox every now and then.

As a marketing professional this holds you in strenuous spot.As you are no stranger to the fact how important email marketing is.The obstacle is,if your email marketing campaigns are not compelling enough for a reader to glance at you will be just like any other promotional emails that no one pays interest in-which will waste your time and efforts.

So you need to create email campaign that people will

  1. Pay regards to.

  2. Actually like your content.

So this are the five Pro tips to ensure that your email marketing campaigns are effective.

1.Draw their attention with an attractive subject line.

The tip is very basic yet very important when it comes to email marketing.For an email to be viewed by any user it has to draw his/her attention instantly and he/she should feel the email is worth opening.

I have studied that when it comes to email subject lines the straight forward approach gives your viewer the clear prospective as in what the email is all about.But this approach is not always beneficial.

Lets take an example,suppose you’re promoting an blog article.If you use title as subject line that means it will be repetitive as when they will open the blog they will see the same subject line as title.For this you should mention some astonishing fact as your subject line so that they will be curious to know about full article.

An another aspect would be to mention such subject lines that viewer would be curious to know such as “Make money while you are asleep”.So this is a catchy phrase right,there are many out there you can play out with.

2.Offering real benefit to your subscribers

a. Unique value

Every viewer would be willing to subscribe if you offering something exclusive such as a “discount” on your product or a free demo to know your service better.

It does not always work to simply say “Hey there here’s an offer for you”.You should be making people care for buying the product at the first place.

b. Providing valuable information

Offering real value to the subscribers with every marketing email you send out.

These emails you are sending out should have a short description and an exemplary chart.

What i am really trying to say is you should provide a new information with every email you send without putting any pressure on the sales part.

c. Emotional value

Adding a emotional value to your email.

For example if its a ngo you can show case how your ngo works and how affected the lives of other.

3.Your email should be short and crisp

I have come across various emails that are filled with too much stuffed information rather than mentioning the actual highlight about the fact.

Suppose you are promoting an article or an blog you should be very precise with the information that is juicy rather than other blahblah stuffs.

So it should be your goal to deliver the short juicy fact about the whole article rather than stuffing unwanted information that deviates from the actual stuff.

You fetch the highlight of the whole article and make a short and crisp summary about the fact that will generate interest of viewers in your article as they will be curious to know more about the whole article.

4.Overdoing will annoy your subscribers

Most of the companies acquire the daily method when it comes to email.
But its not recommendable for everyone to apply to their business.

Its quite obvious for a subscriber to get frustrated if he/she receives a daily email.You may be wondering if you use the daily approach you may be engaged with your subscribers

But its not necessary that your subscribers think the same way as you.

Sorry to say but its the truth that your subscribers are not very fond of you.

Although there is no rule or a specific limit as such for sending emails to your subscribers.

The chances of accepting an email by the subscribers varies depending on the industry type and a particular brand.

You have to keep an eye on metrics over a couple of months to see whats your subscribers behavior is.

The things you should be monitoring are :

  • Open rate.

  • Click through rate.

  • Conversion rate.

  • Bounce rate.

  • List growth rate.

  • Overall ROI.

  • NOTE:Always remember the above metrics should always be monitored to get the results and make necessary changes if needed.

    Our team generally sends maximum of 3 emails per week.

    We have observed that sending more than that subscribers are about to get annoyed.

    Maximum of 3 emails are enough to get you on subscribers mind which is what you need and sending more than that will suffocate your subscribers.

    5.Mix it up

    In association with not overdoing it, it’s also a good idea to mix up the types of emails that you send to the subscribers.

    For example, you may send out an email every time you publish a new article on your brand’s blog, and these emails might follow a similar format of header images, article’s title, and short description. But don’t make this the only kind of email you send out.

    Mixing up the types of email will make your email interesting.

    If you are sending the same kind of email every time your subscriber will expect the same content and they are likely to unsubscribe if they don’t find this kind of email valuable.

    So these are the tips that have helped our team in the field of email marketing,benefit will differ depending on the type of industries you are in,so try it out and experience the change.