What are the SEO Specialist jobs like?

What are the SEO Specialist jobs like?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist has the responsibility of reviewing the website and then analyzing the website and perform necessary changes required to optimize the website for the search engines such as Google, Bing, Duckduckgo and Yahoo.

So what i am trying to say is an SEO specialist does the job of bringing maximum traffic to the website by improving the page rank and optimizing the website for different search engines such as mentioned above.

It can be said that its the job of the SEO Specialist to bring the website’s rank up in the search engine results page(SERP’s).

The job of a specialist was not the same as it was back then,the skills,strategies required now has changed much from before.Google also has a new algorithm to consider the pages to be displayed on the top rankings in the search engine pages.So SEO specialist comes as a saviour in this scenario.

The expectations from a SEO specialist is at a high rise.If we consider present business scenario an SEO specialist must be a efficient problem solver and a decision maker.The specialist must also be able to prioritize content that is relevant and engaging at the same time.

The content of a website must be presentable to the viewer,an viewer visits your site for a purpose he/she should not get confused by entering your website as this will be causing him/her to leave the website and increase your website’s bounce rate.

An SEO specialist should be well aware about the fact that google always puts first the quality content websites on its list of parameters considered for placing in search engine result pages(SERP’s) no need to mention that also includes placing focused keywords related to the service or business that increases traffic to the site.

So to be considered as an SEO specialist you should have the knowledge of HTMl,programming language and also blogging.

Lets us see the boundaries covered by an SEO specialist

things covered by SEO specialist
  • Optimizing landing pages for search engine optimization.
  • Performing keyword research and expanding the keyword opportunities.
  • Managing research and recommending content optimization for organic SEO success.
  • Research and analyze competitor advertising links.
  • Developing link building strategies and implementing them.
  • Track and analyze website analytics and campaigns.
  • Track the expenses and stay in budget.
  • Follow different strategies to get back the maximum ROI.
Things you can do with Google Search Console

Things you can do with Google Search Console

If you own a website you would be aware of the Goggle’s free webmaster tools and what benefits it can provide you for your business.

Most probably you must be already knowing about the Google search console and Google analytics and are already using it.But if you are not aware of it then you must add google search console to your list to get more business from your website as well.

This is a free tool that will cost you no money and also shows you mistakes of your website if present.So this is extremely beneficial tool if you want your website to get viewed on Google’s search engine


So lets start with setting up the google search console

google search console setup

To start with the set-up procedure first go to the Google’s search console then login with your g-mail account.

A very important point to keep in mind is that you login with the same account as you do for the other webmaster tools.

After you have logged-in with your account you will be required to search for the “add property” icon which will be on the top left corner.Then after clicking on add property place your website’s html and then click the button.

Google's verification

Now google will ask you to verify if you are the owner of the account.Although there are other few methods but the easiest way will be choosing Google analytics tracking code as the preferred method of verification.

As long as your Google analytics tracking code will be in the section of your homepage you will be fine.

Use of Google Search Console

So lets begin with the first point

  • Submitting your Sitemap

Submit sitemap

Although Google can crawl your website on its own but you can provide little help to goggle search crawlers by submitting a sitemap to your website.

There are various sites that provide help in generating a sitemap for your website if not you can create it on your own and upload it to the server.Now submitting sitemap to the google search console is very easy.

In the dashboard you will be seeing the sitemap click on that than submit the sitemap you created then click the submit button.

  • Know which keywords of your’s are generating more traffic

Keywords performance

Users are using some keywords in search engine if your website lists on search results they click on your website link and become your site visitors.

So google helps you to find the most common keywords that brought traffic to your website.

In the Google’s search console you will see the performance on the top left side if you click on it you will be getting all the reports of your website such as keywords that are bringing you the higher amount of traffics and the much more.

  • Identify the pages that are most popular

view the pages which are viewed mostly.

Every websites has pages that will be performing better than the other ones.You can view this data on the same page as the keywords data mentioned in the previous point.

All the other data display will be in the same way as the previous ones.Your most popular pages will be right at top section and then according to popularity it will be going down the page.

  • Learn where your leads are coming from

view the locations your most traffic is coming from

You can learn where your traffic or leads in that case are coming from.If your business is targeted to a particular part of the world you can know where your visitors are located.

As you now where your traffic is coming from you can be assured that you are reaching the right users. You can view the top countries from where traffic is coming to your website from top to low order in the same section as keywords data is shown.

  • Learn what devices your visitors are operating from

View the devices from where the most traffic is coming from

For a business to have a successful website it should be mobile friendly.Although your website may be mobile friendly as you have optimized but it is still good to have the knowledge about the visitors location as in where do they operate it from.

You can also view the type of devices you get the traffic from.Also the click through rates,impressions and average positions desired can be viewed.

  • Make your website mobile friendly

Mobile friendly website

Its always better to be assured that your website is mobile friendly but you can check the google search console to see if website passes their standardization.

If you have any mistakes on your website you will get the notifications in that section so that you can make changes that are necessary.

  • Monitor the sites that are linked to you

view the site links that are linked to your website

If you are handling SEO this will be a beneficial information to work on.Although you may be already aware of the fact but if you are new you should monitor this point.

You can view the websites that has linking back to your websites and also the pages that are linked most to your websites.

You can also find more information by clicking the link and see how the website uses your website pages.

  • Always check your website for broken links

Check website for broken links

Broken links make your visitors disinterested in your website and there is quite a chance of them bouncing back from your website.In the crawl section all the 404 errors and other errors can be viewed.

If you click on each link you will find the problem associated with each website.

  • Find your website security issues

check website security issues

If you are following the news you can hear various hacks caused to big websites.Although your website may not necessarily that famous or big but it can still cause serious problems to your websites.

The loss can be even more if you are a e-commerce site as you collect customers sensitive data which can be used negatively.

The Google’s search console provides complete detail if the website has security issues.If you have no security issues it will let you know.

  • Schema markup

Schema markup

If you are using schema mark up on your page its always better to confirm if it is setup right or wrong.Although google can confirm it for you if its setup properlyTo work in the Search engine results page(SERP).

The console can provide you with all the details for setup and then you can make changes that are shown.

What do you mean by the term “lead magnet”?

What do you mean by the term “lead magnet”?

A lead magnet can be defined as an irresistible bribe offer that includes a specific amount of value to the viewer in return of their contact information.

The only goal of the lead magnet is to maximize the number of the targeted leads for an offer offered by you.

Different types of lead magnets are to be discussed in this post and what are the questions most of the businesses are asking about generating leads.

But first, let us discuss Specificity

It is not at all necessary that lead magnets are to be lengthy or complex or very time consuming to create. You don’t have to scratch your brains to make your lead magnets long and complex just to make it look important. Keep it simple and short.

It will affect you the opposite way in terms of conversion if you have too long lead magnets rather than coming straight to the point as in what exactly are you trying to convey.

Your lead magnet has to be viewed by the audience to have an impact on them.

Your lead magnet will be seen as an important prospect within the five minutes of seeing your offer.

If you are in an online course offering business than it’s not recommended to present a mini session of the course or a 200 pages e-book as it is not likely to be liked by the audiences and is not very specific to the content.

Specificity is the most important point to be kept in mind from all other points to be discussed further.

First, let us learn about the :

  • A guide or a report
A guide or a report

Reports and guide books are the most common types of lead magnets to offer to your audience.

And you can easily be out focused from the point of specificity that we have disused earlier. So it is necessary that you should be careful if you have to use the guide or report.

  • Offering a cheet-sheet or handout
cheet-sheet and report.

Cheat sheets are always the best thing to offer and they are liked by most of the audience and are likely to convert your audience to future customers.

They are generally short and are straight to the point and are very specific as to what they are about and what information they wanna convey.

  • Provide video training
Video training

Suppose you are a software providing company and you want your customers to have full knowledge to how to use your software and want them to be at ease while using you can provide them with video tutorials such as our website stayintouch offers your subscribers are likely to get converted by this simple service.

  • Provide them with tool kit or resource list
Tool kit for email marketing

You can offer them a tool kit or a resource list like what are the things they need to know before getting your service or buying your product likewise.

A tool kit or a resource list can be a great lead magnet for any business as this puts outlook on the service or product they are gonna be experiencing before they are paying for it.

  • Offering a free trial or demo
free trial or demo

A software download or a free trial can be of great use to your audience so that they get to know about the service or product they are trying to buy or subscribe to.

Software companies offer free trials or demo we can say to gain the trust of their clients so as to inform them their service is flawless.

  • Offering discount and free shipping.
discount offers to attract your target audience

This is a great way to attract customers and also is an effective lead magnet. You can offer discounts to those are already your audience and make them your loyal customers by being loyal to them by offering unmatched services and discounts from time to time.

  • Online quiz and survey can always be engaging.
online survey or quiz to engage your audience

An online quiz can be quite engaging as they trigger the curiosity of your audience and keep them engaged. If a user answers the quiz questions he will fill the details like their name and email address.

  • An online competition or a giveaway can be effective.
giveaway or competition to engage customers.

It is one of the most straight forward ways to attract a potential lead email address in return for an entry win if they provide us with the information.

7 marketing strategies that are tried by industries to grow their business

7 marketing strategies that are tried by industries to grow their business

Uplifting your business is not a piece of cake.You need a feasible idea that will work and then a profitable plan ,demographic target for yourself and something of value your audience will buy.

Whatever may be your business be it selling a product,providing services or information if the world doesn’t has a clue of who you are and what do you have to offer increasing your business is quite difficult without a proper marketing strategy.

However selecting a proper marketing strategy is crucial sometimes.Do you know how you can reach out to the right audience and that also effectively?Are you visible to eyes of your audiences and are able to make a sustainable offer to convert them.

Let’s talk about the strategies to boost your business

lets talk about the marketing strategies
  • Personalize your website

Personalize your website

As we know there are various brands like Netflix and Amazon that has personalised content for their audiences which provides a better experience to their users.

Using one of the various tools like adobe experience cloud marketers can provide prospects to the customers who has tailored experience with smart content.

A website data can be personalised with for anonymous visitors.So the tools check if the company is associated with it and then display the content which will be specialised for that company.

This will be a advantage that will convert your audiences to customers and will be providing existing customers delightful experience.

  • Ads customized for your audience

Ads customized for your audience

Lots of businesses will be already having a lots of prospects about the ads.Uploading their contact information to various platforms that are targeting highly targeted ads and using a marketing automation tool you can keep the list updated.

The custom ads can also be helpful for the sales team doing outbound marketing.This is like approaching your audience yourself directly instead of waiting them to show interest.Upload a e-mail list to a software to start with the retargeting.

  • Data collection and visualization

Data visualization and data collection

Although this will not be exclusive to marketers more and more businesses are dependable on the data collection and data visualisation to track campaigns performance at one place.

Firstly you have to export your content from the marketing tool that are using than import this data to visualisation platforms.

If you do this right it will make it easier to understand where your traffic is comming from.

It will also reduce your burden of performing any tedious analysis work or spreadsheet.

  • Optimization of voice search

voice search optimization

The technology is increasing day by day to the next level and users are expecting new ways to make it easier for them to use or find any content.Now just typing particular text will be not enough,you will be able to offer them voice search optimization to make them search efficient and comfortable.

Voice search is far more competitive than text search as it needs to find an answer to voice command given.Marketers are expected to produce short explanations for a particular searching using a smart assistant and a depth answer to those performing a text search.

  • Marketing interpretation

marketing interpretation

Nowadays hardly any one is using single channel marketing. Instead cross channel campaigns are a stronger and efficient way to engage your audience.

This is where marketing interpretation arrives.This can be viewed as if under a marketing organization there are different teams working together and if they are contacting digitally or may be not.

Suppose the sales team of the organization are inviting them to a dinner and the marketing team are sending them e-book that is offering out of the box information than dinner.

This all steps gives the user a part of information through all platforms so this steps are possibly to make an impression in the client’s mind and also creates meaningful relationship with the client.

  • Micro-influencer Marketing

influencer marketing

Many of the marketers that i came across are satisfied with their influencer marketing strategies.But this path can be expensive for some marketers.

So this is where micro influencers comes in.Instead of relying on industry influencers many marketers are opting for micro influencer as they charge a lesser fees for promoting products or services to their loyal subcribers or followers.

  • Always demanding generation

Always demanding generation

The leads that many marketers often provide are not always necessary to be perfectly qualified,they think that the audiences have the sense of budget authority and sense of urgency.

With the help of demand marketing both teams are on the same page by measuring marketing efforts revenue or customers lifetime value.

Once the marketers are able to evaluate their efforts based on the revenue or potential capitals they are able to provide results to the demands of the audiences.

How to make an offer that will boost your conversion rate?

How to make an offer that will boost your conversion rate?

Deciding what to offer so as to convert your audience is not as easy as running an A/B test but its also not very difficult if you follow the right points.

So what are those points that you should remember?

  • Know needs of your audience
  • Creating a valuable lead magnet requires a firm knowledge of what your audience are looking for or searching in the search engine.Keep in mind that user is visiting a website with a purpose of finding some information or buying any service or any product.

    It is also very easy to monitor the online behavior of your audience through a tool named Google analytics.You can monitor the number of users visiting per month,year even a single day monitoring can be done and of course there are other features as well that you can explore.With the help of this tool you will know how to improve your performance.

    Also if you are having trouble finding effective keywords that will be searched by audience you can use another tool Google has named Google adwords.Here you can see how many times a particular keyword is searched and choose your keywords accordingly knowing the search volume of that keyword.

    If you are still confused and have another specific questions you can always visit different filed related forums and also Q&A sites such as Quora and have your confusions cleared.

  • Having a useful resource to offer would be a great
  • Now you know what your audience is looking for,the next step will be creating a lead-gen source that will be leading your viewers to the information that match their needs.

    Now this information could be anything like a webinar session,cheet-sheet or any project that you already have done or may be something different depending on your business.It could be a demo that they can first use and very importantly this should be free for them to use.

    Another important thing the source they are clicking or downloading should be relevant to what they were looking for and should be worth their time

    Moreover the landing page where they are clicking should be free of any distractions or any disturbing content or any ads that can cause them to exit.

    The last step would be delivering the offer as promised without requiring them to cost too much time or expenses.

  • You need to know how to sell your offer.
  • After creating the perfect lead magnet the another step would be to showcase your product or business to the audience.One of the best platform to market your content would be facebook.No one is stranger to the social media platforms like facebook,, instagram, twiiter, snapchat and many more.

    So there are millions of users that are present on this social media platforms and are only increasing day by day.Therefore we can reach a huge amount of audience through this platforms and your engage rates can increase by this marketing platforms and your brand name can be increased through this efforts.

    Another method can be mentioning your business url on your profile.Suppose you have a youtube channel you can insert an offer through halfway or end of your video.

    Also blogs are an effective way to promote any business or product through an article or post.

    So now you have taken the necessary steps towards your audience,hence be patient and wait for the results.