It’s been reiterated over and over that email is still a key tool for marketers even in the age of social media and instant messaging, as the marketing industry repeatedly establishes that no, email is not going away any time soon.

Mobile Devices: Highly Preferred Source to Access Emails

Regarding information searches, mobile has taken over traditional desktops, laptops, and even tabs. On the top of that, the graphic mentioned above portrays that email marketing will continue to be a critical tactic of digital marketing. The proliferation of cloud-based mobile apps has made accessing emails more interesting and unique. As business people with the aid of these apps can access their important emails from any location and any device. A survey showed the following results.

future of emails

Personalization Will Grab Center Stage

Technological advancement has opened new perspectives for business organizations. Now, companies look more focused on creating personalized content for emails. Modern day email marketing campaign heavily relies on buyer-centric and real-time content. Days of blasting irrelevant emails are gone as it has stopped garnered any effective results for the businesses. It’s an era of real-time email that allows companies to reach their potential buyers with the right offer, at the right time, and at the right place. Well, personalization in this context refers to target audience with the things they need the most. In other words, it’s you who need to align your emails with the taste, preference, and focus of your audience. Further, companies who do personalization and real-time email shooting have high chances of business conversion. Therefore, in the future times, personalization will be highly preferred by corporations.

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