Today a business cannot run without a professional email address. Every company needs a business email addresses. Below we have list 5 email addresses every company should have.

  1. or One email id which every company in the world has is info or inquiry. Any visitor coming to the  website needs to reach you this is the most common one used.
  2. A must for all companies. Visitors buy products or service from you. The would need to reach your support team. The more prompt the support team is in reply to the client the better is the reputation built for the company.
  3. A very important email address needed by all business. This email address will allow the customer to reach to the accounts department directly. Billing related or tax related issues will reach directly to your accounts team.
  4. An email address which would be of highest importance. This email id will address all the sales inquiry hitting your website.
  5. Top executive like MD, CEO, CFO etc can have ids like or This ids are normally not reveled publicly to avoid spam mails.