4 Easy Tips To Build Your Email List

Every time we get a welcome pop-up on a new website that asks for email ID for subscription, we usually ignore it and close the pop-ups.

We might ask ourselves, why I do that? Well, these requests for subscription are either too boring for my liking and have no incentive to offer or because I don’t fancy getting my inbox jammed with unnecessary and irrelevant emails.

I am sure there are many others like me who do the same and chances are, if you have these unappealing subscription pop-ups on your website, that’s probably the reason why your email database isn’t going up.

Turn your business into an automated machine

There are some unique and attractive ideas to build your email list which is, undoubtedly, of great importance. However, before you proceed, you need to understand that for people to give you their email and to look forward to hearing from you, you need to step-up your game.

One way of doing this is by automating the procedure using online software that helps you send personalized emails without turning them into repetitive and uninteresting templates.

However, if you want to tweak things around fast with creativity and ease, here’s what you need to do.

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t get excited at the prospect of getting something without making an effort and that too, for free. And if subscribing and giving my email is all it takes, I, for one, am going to participate! Think about it. If a landing page asks you for your email address, why would you give it, unless it have something to offer in return?

You can use this strategy to your advantage and build your email list by giving people an incentive in return for their email. The giveaway could be free access to an e-book, a report, a gift hamper, or perhaps a coupons where people enter their emails and redeem the offer.

Or a referral system could be a great game-changer for you and helps you build your email list in no time. For example, giftbasketsoverseas.com offers its customers a 20% off coupon for referring a friend to their products. The referred friend also receives 20% off on their first purchase. A tantalizing offer is all you need for people to comply.

A strong call to action might just get you the desired response

Yes, pop-ups on websites and online pages are annoying and dreary, but that doesn’t mean they always have to be that way. What if you could tweak them in such a way that visitors are left with no other option than to subscribe and plug in their email?

You just need to give a quick boost to your creativity and connect with them on a personal level. Perhaps something like what Ramit Sethi, an American personal finance advisor, and entrepreneur, has done on his confirmation page – a timer and a picture of him with a sad face – may do the trick for you too.

Here’s what it looks like:


Calls-to-action (CTAs) are a great way to send incoming traffic to your landing page, and they also generate interesting lead conversations. Simultaneously, they also help you build your email list and expand your list of contacts at a great pace.

Link with Facebook Email Signup

Facebook’s email signup option has been around for a while now. It is a good way to collect user data and build your email list while they are actively engaging with you. You can also pay for a data capture form and link it with Facebook signup. It can provide you with the data a user has shared voluntarily with Facebook.

Users voluntarily provide Facebook with their most credible details like age, gender, occupation and location. This method will save a user from filling a lengthy form and simply clicking ‘Sign in with Facebook’ will be enough. Data capture forms can also provide you with an option to capture even more specific information like friend lists, favorite books, music, movies etc.

Add sharing buttons in emails

Many marketers believe that social media is more effective than email lists. Some people debate that it is like comparing apples with oranges. What people need to understand is that every marketing tool varies from the other in execution and effectiveness. It all boils down to ROI. Whether you use social media or email marketing, it should give you leads and convert those leads into customers. Email marketing has proven to be more effective at this.

However, to earn better results, place social media plugins in your email messages. Add an ‘email to a friend’ button as well, to encourage sharing of your email content. Social media sharing is an effective way of doubling the ROI. Email sharing makes it easy for a person to share important information with their friends and family. A subscribe button encourages people to join your mailing list.


These simple steps boil down to two important things:

  1. Make the process as simple and smooth as possible.
  2. Be honest and provide users what they expect in their inbox.

Follow these basic principles and build your email list exponentially.