It’s Monday morning. As Lara sits down at her desk she experiences that familiar feel… She’s not dreading the day ahead of her – she’s dreading her email inbox! Lara is finding an answer to the question “How to manage your daily emails?”

Lara’s manages a large team, her email box is hit with 60 plus emails everyday. She has to read and reply to all those emails. She’s notoriously behind with her existing work as she has to reply to those emails.

Email can pull us UP or throw us DOWN. You need to find a way to manage your emails so that you are managing your emails and not vice-versa.

Checking Email’s
Set a fix time to check your emails. I get around 100 emails everyday. I check my emails in slot. First Slot ( 11am) , Second Slot (3pm), Third Slot (7pm). Sometimes sending replies immediately works to disadvantage.

Emails on Phone
Unless you are going to be out for the entire day avoid checking emails on phone. Let say i got an email and i saw it on the phone (at that point i am distracted), now that email demands me to reply with some file which is on my laptop so again i have to check it when i reach office and reply (double waste of time, also sometime you miss replying to emails which are marked as read).

Get your emails organized
Can you imagine having an inbox with nothing in it? It almost sounds too good to be true!

Although a completely empty inbox (also called “inbox zero”) might be unrealistic for many of us, keeping our main inbox cleared can make us more organized, and help eliminate stress.

Create specific folder and push mails inside them. I have my top folders as “Clients”, “Vendors”, “Accounts”, “Marketing” . Under this top folders i have sub-folders like “Clients –> ABC ltd.”, “Marketing –> Live Leads, Success Leads, Failure Leads”. This will help you retrieve older mails quickly.

Remove yourself from all email subscriber list
Remove yourself from all email subscriber list. If something very important add another email id to that list which you do not access frequently.

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