The most cost effective way of reaching your audience in future would be EMAIL MARKETING. Email is a mainstay in the marketing toolbox, but marketers need to continuously evolve their email tactics to cater to a changing audience.

What Experts have to say for the future of email marketing?

  • Scott Brinker Marketers will rationalize technology stacks to achieve economy of architecture and Account Based Marketing (ABM) will remain one of the hottest categories.
  • Pawel Sala Increasingly lower costs unlock a work-flow of data between web tracking, social media, BI solutions, CRM or ERP systems and email marketing. Making communication more personalized and relevant.
  • Krzysztof Jarecki Artificial intelligence will take over campaign execution, especially for companies with large content libraries.
  • David Raab Video is the up-and-coming functionality, easy creation will be accompanied by changes that make it easier to deploy and understand video content.
  • Willem Stam E-mail systems move towards the data instead of other way around, senders will need more data-points to personalize communication that will drive user engagement.
  • Benoît De Nayer Machine Learning will steer adaptive campaigns for smaller Marketing Automation platforms where AI will allow to continuously adapt campaigns to the individual customer journey.
  • Jordie van Rijn The definition of MarTech will change as small market, ABM and dynamic content functionality comes together
  • Tink Taylor Innovation will come from an explosion of machine-learning start-ups. For top-tier industry leaders, data is often in good shape, but it’s not all held in the same place.
  • Assaf Ben-Asher Integration platforms are on the rise to extend the top marketing and engagement applications and increase service reach.
  • Matt Hayes Iterative development on content automation in order to solve content production problems.

Future of Email Marketing Goes Mobile

As user interactions with email become more dynamic and uninhibited by the limitations of a desktop environment, email content must become more dynamic as well. People move through their inboxes quickly, looking only for the information they need and want. Delivering relevant messages that resonate with them is fundamental–that includes live email content that adapts in real time to location, device, time of open, and behaviors.

Among the most popular and effective live content strategies, Lustberg explains, are countdown clocks. “Countdown clocks connect to your customers through immediacy,” he says. “By including a live countdown to the end of a sale or other promotion, you’re creating a sense of urgency that will inspire your customers to buy at that moment rather than later, or not at all.”

Geographic targeting is an important tool to leverage as well, especially if the brand has multiple locations. Personalizing an email based on the recipient’s location is a way to create a sense of belonging, Lustberg explains, and to build a community feel around.